5 Reasons To Sell Your Old Office Copier

If every office updated their old copier to an Energy Star certified one, we could collectively save $32 million in electricity costs. While the majority of technology has gotten smaller, the office copier has remained a large mainstay in the office. 

But that doesn't mean you shouldn't update your office copier. If you can't remember the last time you replaced your office copier, then it's time to evaluate its performance. 

Keep reading to learn five reasons why it's time to get rid of your current copier and replace it with a newer one. 

1. Not Keeping up With Demand 

Older copiers have a slower output, which causes projects to backup as demand increases, and production doesn't keep up. This will create a bottlenecking effect as multiple teams get in line to wait for their projects to print or copy. 

Look at your current copier and find out what the counter says. This will tell you what the demand is for your current copier. You can then look at copiers that can accommodate a higher volume. 

2. Constant Repairs 

If your copier is continually breaking down, then it's having a negative effect on productivity. Both for the team tasked with fixing the copier and the team needing to use the copier. This results in unmet goals and missed deadlines for everyone. 

Another point to consider is if you're paying for an outside company to repair your copier. This cost might outweigh the cost of buying a new copier that has a warranty. 

3. Security 

Cybersecurity is at the forefront of everyone's mind, with the increase in data breaches and some of the biggest companies in the United States falling victim. Yahoo had 3 billion user accounts compromised, Marriott's breach affected 500 million customers, and Target's compromised 110 million accounts. 

When your office copier connects to your company network, it serves as a gateway for unsavory characters to breach your data. Older copiers do not have the same level of security measures that newer copiers have. 

4. Sustainability 

Older copier machines are less energy efficient. By replacing your older machine with a newer one, you'll see a reduction in your energy bill. 

You'll also see a reduction in resources used because you won't have to repeat projects due to poor output quality. This is a reduction in output, which results in a reduction of run time and electricity used. 

5. Lack of Features 

Similar to any other technology, new copiers have newer and more features that can help your team be more productive. Take stock of your current copier and determine what features aren't used on your current machine. Then consider what features your current copier doesn't have but should. 

Update Your Office Copier

If you find that your office copier isn't living up to your expectations, then it's time to update your copier. Your current copier may not keep up with demand in terms of volume. Or perhaps it's failing you when it comes to quality output. 

You also need to consider if your copier is connected to your network. This could be a serious breach of your company's security. 

Sell your old copier to us today and outfit your office with a modern one. 

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